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The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). The NFL is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America and the highest professional level of American football in the world. It’s one of the most popular sport in North America as it is watched by millions of people. However, the NFL is not very popular world wide; however, NFL betting is something that all bettors enjoy. The NFL website hold additional information about the sport.

The ultimate final in this tournament is known as the SuperBowl. It’s an event of epic proportions that is played every year. The Superbowl decides the champions of the NFL. However, that’s not all since the Superbowl is the most important match when it comes to NFL betting. In the USA, people bet on who will win the Superbowl even before the regular NFL season starts. After the regular season, the NFL has a play-off just like the NBA and other US based sports. Keep in mind that the SuperBowl comes after that play-off.

NFL Betting Odds

Above this article you will find the latest NFL betting odds from, an online bitcoin sports betting and casino operator. Furthermore, for each match, you will find a + sign to the right. Clicking on it will open up all the markets and show all NFL betting odds for a specific match.

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NFL History

The NFL was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) before renaming itself the National Football League for the 1922 season. After initially determining champions through end-of-season standings, a playoff system was implemented in 1933 that culminated with the NFL Championship Game until 1966. Following an agreement to merge the NFL with the American Football League (AFL), the Super Bowl was first held in 1967. It was to determine a champion between the best teams from the two leagues. It has remained as the final game of each NFL season since the merger was completed in 1970. NFL betting became really popular once the SuperBowl tournament appeared.

At the moment, NFL is considered the most popular sport in the USA. The reason for this is because the NFL has the highest average attendance per game compared to any other sport. This is why NFL betting is so popular as well. The Green Bay Packers hold the most combined NFL championships. They have 13, winning nine titles before the Super Bowl era and four Super Bowls afterwards. Since the creation of the Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots both have the most championship titles at six. The Patriots are the NFL’s current champions following their victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII.

NFL Format

The NFL season format consists of a four-week preseason, a seventeen-week regular season (each team plays 16 games), and a twelve-team single-elimination playoff culminating in the Super Bowl, the league’s championship game. Currently, the thirteen opponents each team faces over the 16-game regular season schedule are set using a pre-determined formula. The regular season games bring very good NFL betting odds. The league runs a seventeen-week, 256-game regular season. Since 2001, the season has begun the week after Labor Day and concluded the week after Christmas. The opening game of the season is normally a home game on a Thursday for the league’s defending champion.

When the regular season is over, the play-offs start. The play-offs have 6 teams from each conference. The winners of the 4 divisions + 2 wild card teams from both conferences. This means 12 teams fight to win their conference. The AFC and NFC champions then compete in the Super Bowl to determine the league champion.

NFL Betting Markets

American Football is a very popular sport when it comes to betting. This is especially true for the NFL. The two most common bets placed by bettors are Moneyline bets and over/under bets. The moneyline bets replace 1×2 betting since no match can end in a draw. If the score is tied at the end of regular time, the teams go to overtime until a winner emerges.

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline bets are probably the most popular ones when it comes to NFL. For instance, NFL betting can be hard since the difference in quality between all the teams is very small. A match can’t finish in a draw in regular time which means a 1×2 bet can’t be placed. For that reason, you will place a moneyline bet which will count over-time until a winner is decided. The odds will be a bit smaller but with moneyline betting, even if regular time ends in a tie, your team can still win in overtime. For more info about moneyline betting, check our blog.

Moneyline bets
Moneyline Bets

NFL Over/Under Betting

Just like in football (soccer) or basketball, over/under bets are very popular for professional bettors. In NFL betting, you can place an over/under bet just on the regular game including Over-time. Visit our blog and learn more about over/under betting.

NFL Over/Under Betting
NFL Over/Under Betting

NFL Betting Odds and Information

The NFL is popular for experienced bettors. Overtime happens in almost every round. Both in the regular season, and in the play-offs. However, all of this is quite normal if we consider the fact that the NFL is the most popular sport in the USA. You can check our Bitcoin Casino to find the best NFL Betting Markets and odds. However, you can take advantage of much more than that.

The Coinbet24 bitcoin sportsbook offers a broad selection of betting types when it comes to NFL. You will find all standard bet types like moneyline bets, handicap bets including overtime, over/under bets including overtime, totals, etc. We also offer a wide selection of fantastic special offers.

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